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CC De Steiger Menen (Waalvest 1)

20/12/2019 - 20.00

Amenra and CC De Steiger present an evening with two solo dance performances.

This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards

(Natalia Pieczuro - CHVE - Mathieu VDK - Bjorn Lescouhier)

When post-metal and dance meet, something fierce arises. This is proven by 'This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards', a dance solo inspired by stories of people who are not afraid to live. People who like to be guided by extreme feelings. "Moments that make you feel alive", as dancer Natalia Pieczuro calls them. 

In Colin H. Van Eeckhout of post-metal band Amenra, Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Amenra, Syndrome) and Bjorn Lescouhier (Regression), she found the perfect partners in crime for a performance that goes to the bone. Pure, raw and real.

By and with: Natalia Pieczuro, Colin H. Van Eeckhout, Mathieu Vandekerkchove, Bjorn Lescouhier.

Music: Colin H. Van Eeckhout, Mathieu Vandekerkchove, Bjorn Lescouhier
Light: Florence Richard
Costumes: Aline Breucker
Decor: Natalia Pieczuro
Co-production: nOna

The False David

(Imre Thormann)

The renowned Butoh dancer Imre Thormann brings his solo performance ‘The False David’, under the guidance of only a clarinet (Pierre Lassailly). Butoh dancers, powdered white and stripped of all individuality, evoke the image of a damned world. Themes such as decay, fear and despair, but also of eroticism and ecstasy are portrayed in a captivating way.

Butoh dancer: Imre Thormann

Clarinet: Pierre Lassailly


€ 18 VVK / € 20 ADD   >>> Online Tickets <<<  

© CC De Steiger Menen, 2019