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Art Exhibition

Cultural Centere an museum, Menen, Belgium

19/10/2019 - 21/12/2019

Since Amenra’s founding in 1999, the post-metal band from Kortrijk has always maintained a strong focus on the development of an artistic visual language.

This manifested itself in artwork, video art, photography, live visuals, fashion, graphics, objects and installations. Over the years, the group collaborated with many artists from their entourage, the ‘Church of Ra’, but also with leading Belgian artists such as Michaël Borremans or Berlinde De Bruyckere.
The exhibition Het Gloren presents an anthology of those collaborations, but also shows other work, consistently selected by Amenra.

Het Gloren will be a captivating exhibition with work by leading Belgian artists, taking over the exhibition hall in Cultural Center De Steiger and the entire city museum of Menin.

Curators: Colin H. Van Eeckhout and Mathieu Vandekerckhove

Open daily from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. except Monday and Tuesday.

Closed on Nov. 1, 11 and 15.

Free admission

CC De Steiger, Waalvest 1, 8930 Menen

Stadsmuseum, Rijselstraat 77, 8930 Menen

Click here for some pictures of the opening night.

© CC De Steiger Menen, 2019