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Venue 'Park Ter Walle' Menen (Indoor - J&M Sabbestraat 163)

21/12/2019 - 20.00


19h Doors
20h Wyatt E.
21h The Black Heart Rebellion
22h15 Amenra
00h-03h DJ's

Wyatt E.

Wyatt E. from Liège creates a universe that is musically close to the Middle East.
They mix those influences with doom and synths, creating psychedelic, versatile songs.

The Black Heart Rebellion

The Black Heart Rebellion is currently working, withdrawn in their rehearsal room, on the follow-up to their 2015 album "People, When you see the smoke, Don't think it's fields they're burning".

In Menen they will perform their only regular show of 2019. Expect fragments from their two previous albums, in a performance that switches between hard distortion and percussion, occult melodies and rhythms, without losing intensity for one second.


For twenty years, the sludge, doom and metal phenomenon Amenra has been gathering the emotions of devastating turning points in life in their jet-black masses (Mass I - VI). Music is a way to process loss and grief for Amenra. They channel their own suffering into a source of power. A moment to distance yourself from provocative, inner demons. A moment of comfort and solidarity for those in need of it.

Amenra grew into a live phenomenon. Crushing doom riffs, crackling drums, inspiring visuals and Colin H. Van Eeckhout who struggles and claws with his demons and screams the soul out of his body. An ominous total experience that grabs you by the throat, baffles, but above all relieves and frees.

“Building up, unloading and destroying it again: it is the pattern that keeps recurring in Amenra's post-metal songs. Sometimes the sun threatens to break through the clouds, but then you fall back into a jet-black maelstrom."

- De Morgen

Heavy show. 


€ 28 PRESALE / € 32 DOORS   


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